About Me

My Story:

I come from a family of carpenters and trades people.  I have always had an artistic eye and during my college years I focused on art and architecture.  I started out as a framing carpenter in the 1970s which subsequently led to interior finishing work.  In 1982, I purchased a 100 + year old schoolhouse and while applying a commonly used floor finish, I experienced a life threatening allergic reaction.  It took weeks to fully recover, all the while I struggled with why and how this happened.  Once I regained my strength, I spent a great deal of time learning about alternatives to the harsh and dangerous chemicals that are still commonly used in the building trades today.   Of course this is well before there was an ‘eco’ or ‘natural’ movement and the methods I started using were truly ahead of the time.  It was this near-death experience that drew me to natural products, eco-building, historical restoration work, and being a good steward to the environment.


I consider myself a jack of all trades, but above all, I am a master carpenter, woodworker and masonry specialist.  My primary objective is to satisfy the homeowner by providing quality work where every detail, joint and feature is meticulously crafted to last for a lifetime.  All too often I encounter work where steps were skipped, shortcuts were taken, or work was just plain sloppy.  Often this is a result of the mass production mentality where a contractor just wanted to get to the next job.  I abhor this approach which is why I left the framing business 25 years ago.  My philosophy drives me to look at the whole project so I can help the homeowner make informed decisions, such as using quality materials and construction techniques which might be slightly more expensive, but end up saving you money and preventing headaches in the long run.  I also make every attempt to minimize the impact of my work on the environment and the occupants of the house throughout a project by offering options on alternative building materials, paints and finishes.  Lastly, when I walk away from your project, it will be with the satisfaction that I performed my craft to the best of my ability.